Cypress Head Sport Horses is committed to finding you your one perfect equine match. We specialize in warmblood  breeding. Here at Cypress Head Sport Horses our goal is to produce top quality hunters, dressage and jumper horses that are tractable enough for the amateur market, yet are talented enough to please the most discriminating professional. We produced  the #1 Hunter Breeding Colt in the nation in 2014, have had an approved stallion from our program and many "babies" that are winning grand champioships all over the country in multiple different disciplines.

Cypress Head (CH) started with a fabulous "site champion" Frohwind mare back in 2000 and has grown  since then to produce up to 11 foals per year!   CH foals all have quiet, willing TEMPERAMENTS  plus suitable gaits and athletic ability to go out and WIN! We specifically breed for easy to handle, rideable horses that have correct conformation!

From that very special foundation, Frohwind mare (now retired sound and giving lessons as a scholol horse), Our band  of broodmares has grown to include some of the nicest mares you will find anywhere in the country!  Any good breeder knows the resulting foal will be at least 50% like the mare it came from. We fully believe the mare is just as, if not more important in producing top foals than the stallion!  

While movement, temperament and rideability are paramount, we spend a considerable amount of time and effort in pedigree research and conformation analysis before making our final selections. We do not restrict ourselves to any one particular registry but instead use the best that the sBs, Dutch, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Holsteiner, Westphalian, Belgium, TB, etc... bloodlines have to offer. 

Aside from breeding, we work hand in hand with hunter/jumper trainer Karen Knies of Canter Down Farms to provide quality sale horses and ponies that are suitable for your every equestrian need.

Rest assured that our "babies" are some of the best found any where in the world!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information:

Dr. Donna Belcher