Diamont X Dollberg

Approved MMB GOV and Westphalian

This is one of the prettiest mares I own. I bought this mare after a competition ending bone chip was found in her foot. The story told to me was that this mare was showing at WEF and injured herself. She was taken into surgery and then given a year of rest. Unfortunately she never fully recovered. X-rays revealed a subsequent arthritis developing in the joint. I  feel very lucky to have this beautiful mare in my broodmare band as she produces GORGEOUS foals with endearing, sweet personalities!


This was Diva's first foal by Rosenthal, Rosensque. Since Diva was a little older and being bred for the first time, I consider myself lucky that she took with only one insemination! Congratulations to Karen Knies of Canter Down Farms on the purchase of this stunning filly!

Below is Rosensque as Yearling.

Below is Diva's second foal by Redwine. He is going to be one really cute HUNTER! Look for RaVinci on the "A" circuit in a few years! Congratulations to Jane Losin of WestWood Farms LLC.

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