1999 black 17 H Hanoverian Reg No:312315599

SIRE:  Escudo I by Espri   DAM:  Ladina by Lanthan/Aragon

WINNER OF HIS STALLION TEST in Adelheidsdorf with an Overall score 143.93

Dressage score 139.93 / 2nd  and  Jumping score 127.55 / 3rd

Earl impresses with his marvellous topline and well-shaped, correct and harmonious riding horse conformation. He has a perfect character, is very good to ride, and was the undisputed Champion of his performance test. At his performance test, Earl received a 9 for his walk, an 8 for his trot, 8.5 for his canter and a 9 for his willingness to work. He convinced at the performance test by all criteria, especially with his rideability and his willingness to work.

Earl comes from bloodlines top and bottom that are known to produce dressage ability and jumping talent. His test results confirm this dual purpose tendency. Earl's sire, Escudo I, stands for jumping ability and beautiful, elastic gaits. Escudo I is outstanding in type an d expression, and is well muscled. He was the winner of his performance test with the highest jumping score of 144.9. He has produced 25 licensed sons and 67 State Premium Mares. His Breeding Value for jumping is 152 and 99 for dressage. Lanthan on the dam's side is insurance for beautiful conformation and jumping and dressage ability,  He has a Breeding Value of 128 for dressage and 125 for jumping. A multi talented stallion.

Earl has a sensational Breeding Value of 127 for dressage and 132 for jumping. At their performance tests, his daughters had a breeding value for type of 127.



Escudo I Espri Eiger I
SPS Diplomatin
Athene Markus
Ladina Lanthan Lombard
Artrix Aragon