2017 Brown expected 17H

SIRE:  Earl (Escudo I x Lanthan)   DAM:  Surianna CH (Sinatra Song x Fascination)

Absolutely the sweetest, most people orientated colt you can find anywhere! Extremely calm and quiet. This colt is a true doll babe, the epitomy of the " Gentle Giant"!  Respectful and kind, his temperament is second to none! This colts dam and grand dam are the exact same way. The most reliable, honest mares. Love them!!

Endeavor's favorite gait is the canter! I had never seen more than one or two steps of his trot until I made this video! When he is out playing with his "brothers" he has the most balanced, tea cup canter in a tight circle you have ever seen on such a BIG foal! He can then open up and out run his playmates when he is done with them! Very adjustabe! Just Lovely!!

Love his wonderful topline, nice head and near perfect conformation. He is going to be a show stopper once he is all grown up!


Video Below of Edeavor CH and his dam Surianna CH. It was extremely hot and humid out and I kept them cooled down with the hose. He LOVES water and drinking out of the hose! Love his sweet, playful personality!


17 H Black

Escudo I ESPRI

Surianna CH

‚Äč16.2H Brown

Sinatra Song Sandro Hit
Pr. Furianna Fascination

Sallys Comet XX