"Legent CH"

2017 Black Mature 16.2H

SIRE:  Lanthan (Lombard x Sudan) DAM:  Reline CH (Redwine x Fabriano)

This colt is absolutely amazing in every way! Stunning looks with movement to die for! Gorgeous, cresty neck and excellent conformation... all wrapped up in a true black package with lots of chrome! This colt can stand toe to toe with the best this country, or any country has to offer! Yes, Legent is that nice! This is truly an outstanding boy!

Legent CH not only is an outstanding individual in his own right, but his bloodlines also stand him apart! He is by the fabulous stallion Lanthan. Lanthan (Lombard x Sudan) was a great dual purpose stallion in his day. He not only produced fabulous dressage horses but jumpers as well. He was well known around Germany for his production of good mares, riding horses, and was seen in the pedigree of stallion candidates. This bloodline has practically been lost with all the R-W-D-S-F breeding that has become so popular today. This nearly forgotten bloodline sets Legent CH apart from other stallion prospects in that he will be able to cross with many more mares as a great "new" bloodline!

A great stallion prospect needs a fabulous sire but evenmore importantly he must have an exceptional dam line. Legent CH has that. His dam, Reline CH, is a lovely horse. She is drop dead gorgeous with a powerful hind end and very free shoulder. While not inspected yet, I expect Reline CH to follow in her dams footsteps. SPS Feline was not only an 8.0 Hanoverian she was a FOURTH generation States Premium mare. Before importation she was awarded 1A (the highest) status at mare shows AND she produced multiple foals that sold at the Elite auctions all over the world. This dam line was from a very reputable breeder in Germany and brings a very strong foundation to Legent CH. Please check out Feline on her own page! She was a truly outstanding, once in a lifetime mare! 

If you are looking for a truly world class Stallion and are not will settle for second best... Legent CH just may be the perfect match for you!

Video Below of Legent CH. Please keep in mind that is was 93F and 98% Humidity. I kept them hosed off so as not to overheat. Reline was confirmed in foal to Quaterback that day, and I want to keep that embryo in there! :-)


Black 16.3H

Lombard Lugano II

Reline CH

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Redwine Rotspon
SPS Feline Fabriano