December 15, 2007

 Cypress Head Phizzle-n-Rum

Sire: Piccolo Silver Rum       Dam: Bur Dals Shaklina

Born: 9-16-07

Despite her young age of only 6 weeks old... she walked away with a GOLD premium!!

She may be the cutest thing on four legs!!

 Cypress Head Silver Prophet

Sire: Piccolo Silver Rum      Dam: Cypress Head Jovial's Rosalee

Born: 8-9-07

We opted not to body clip this outstanding colt... while a bit shaggy looking... he too walked away with a GOLD Premium!! The German judge commented that he was a powerful, uphill moving colt with wonderful conformation. His full brother also earned a Gold Premium!

Cypress Head Silver RazzleBerry

Sire: Piccolo Silver Rum        Dam: BlueBerry


This outstanding moving filly was awarded SILVER Premium Status... despite being at that upside down age of nine months old! It was disappointing that neither her nor her yearling full brother could be presented at a better age. They are both phenomenal and out of a grade mare!

Cypress Head Picardi Rum

Sire: Piccolo Silver Rum      Dam: Moon lake Abby

Born: 9-20-07

This is one of my all time favorite foals! He has a personality that is so friendly and outgoing... you can't help but fall in love with him! :-) He was awarded Silver Premium status. Look at all that chrome!! His free shoulder will make him a great Hunter prospect!

Cypress Head Silver DragonBerry

Sire: Piccolo Silver Rum      Dam: BlueBerry

Born: 3-28-06

This exceptional gelding was unfortunately not graded, as they do not score yearlings! It is a shame as this was the judges favorite foal of the day! He commented on his uphill, powerful movement and lovely type. He said that he looks like he will make a fantastic jumper and that DragonBerry would fit right in with the top pony foals in Germany! He commented several times on the improvement my stallion had made in just one generation on the dam!

Below is pictured Piccolo Silver Rum! We brought him out for the German judge to see how he had matured... as he had not seen him in almost two years! He is unbathed and the sun was not out but still he is quite the show stopper!

I asked Otto what did Rummy impart to the mares he had bred. He said Rummy particularly improves on the walk and overall elasticity of the mare but that he also threw lovely long legs, good length of neck and a wonderful type! He had commented several times throughout the day that it was remarkable how much Rummy had improved on the mares in just one generation!  He also brought it to my attention that I need to get off my kiester and get this boy broke and showing...(and breeding more mares)!

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