A more fitting name could not be found. She is truly a breathtakingly beautiful filly who exemplifies her sire, Rosenthal and his prepotency for producing "perfect" heads and necks on his foal along with temperaments that are incredibly easy to deal with. Although this filly is 6 months old in these photos so not at her most attractive stage of growth, still she is stunning.  Rosenesque not only is the prettiest of the four Rosenthal's I produced but also the most friendly and easy to work with. That is saying ALOT. As all are gorgeous, super sweet doll babes! She truly is a special filly!

Sire is Rosenthal and dam is Diva (DaVinciXDolberg)

Born 6-28-08

GOV suggested I keep this filly but unfortunately I can not keep them all!

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