Oldenburg NA, 

Born: May 12th, 2003

Sire: Freestyle (Florestan)     Dam: Scarlett (Frohwind)

Approved MMB GOV

Below is Sapphire's First Foal: RosenStyle by Rosenthal. He was a PREMIUM colt with the GOV and as a two year old (at his very first show) he won Grand Championship and qualified for Regionals. I am eagerly waiting for updated pics!! Congratulations to FEI level rider and trainer Kathryn Judge of Chestershire Farm.

Here is Sinatra's Spryte by Sinatra Song. She was bought by FEI level rider and trainer Molly Malone. This filly is an absolutely incredible MOVER! She barely touches the ground. She was shown to the GOV as a yearling and the comments were very good, "correct conformation... tons of suspension... excellent walk... good push from behind". They also made it a point to tell the crowd that they do not give out premiums to yearlings.

For a complete view of Sapphire from just a baby to mare ... look below! :-) I do LOVE this mare!


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Movement photos at one month of age!

Coming Yearling photos!

Coming 2 year old photo!

Coming 3 year old photos!

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