"Bur-Dals Shaklina"

Dam: Bur-Dals Miss Ivy                             Sire: Bur-Dals Dapper Dan

This may be the best "riding type" section A Welsh pony broodmare that I have ever come across. She has a gorgeous neck set, perfectly straight legs and a loin connection allowing for movement that is not only free through the shoulder but also POWERFUL from behind! This cross with Rummy ought to be breath taking!! I can't wait till Spring to breed her!!

Below pictures taken with her in her winter woolies! Despite the two inches of  excess hair she has, you can still see her lovely head, curious disposition and lets not forget those tiny little ears! :-)

*** Update***

52 point PREMIUM Mare

 Was second highest scoring mare in the nation for the entire 2007 RPSI tour, beaten only by a Contucci mare!!!

Her 2007 filly was Gold Premium and highest scoring PONY filly in the nation!

Her 2009 filly was also Gold Premium  (Not bred to Rummy in 2008 or 2010)

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