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Ideal's Solomon
Mature 16.2+ hands
Premium Chestnut Colt
Powerful, UPHILL movement! Born July 15th, 2006. Sire is Ideal, dam is Scarlett.
Shown here after winning High Score Champion Colt at his Inspection site... just like his full sister and mommy did!!
SOLD! Congratulations!
Ideal's Saphron
Mature 16.2+ hands
Premium Chestnut filly
This foal is as close to perfect as I have seen! I am in love! Born April 30th, 2005. Sire is Ideal, dam is Scarlett.
Shown here after winning High Score Champion Filly of her Inspection site... just like her mommy did!!
Bay Colt
Lovely mover. If you are looking for your next HUNTER star... look no further! Sweet_temperament. Born July 27th, 2005. Sire is Donatelli, dam is Premium Mare Furianna.Shown here at the awkward age of 7 months winning his Silver Medal!
Mature 16.O+ hands
Black/Bay filly
Lovely, free shoulder. Fluid, graceful gaits. Near perfect conformation! Born July 11th, 2005. Sire is Oxford, dam is Nuance.
Registered RPSI
Mature 16.1+ hands Chestnut colt
The_four_white_socks_and_blaze really makes this lovely colt stand out in a crowd! Can you say FLASHY?? Born June 12, 2005 Sire is Oxford, dam is Smoky.

Mature 16.2 hands
Registered Oldenburg NA
This is the much awaited FIRST foal from Scarlett. Her sire is the wonderful Freestyle

Mature 16.0+ hands
Gorgeous head and neck!
Extremely elegant and athletic all in one superb package. Dam is Diva, sire is Iroko.
Mature 16 hands
Friendly and BOLD!! Fabulous mover! Great conformation. Dam is Nuance, sire is Iroko.

SOLD! Congratualtions!

Shown here just after his second birthday. He is being retained by his new owner as a stallion propect to cross with Welsh ponies.

Mature 16 hands
WOW! Loves to jump!
Tons of suspension. Gorgeous topline. Dam is Smokey, sire is Freestyle.
Mature 16.1+ hands
Gorgeous Topline and big powerful hip!
This is one lovely filly. She is a fabulous mover and already loves to jump! Dam is Smoky, sire is Freestyle.

Mature 16.2 hands
Destined to be a childrens mount! What a sweetheart!!
"Do anything with me" temperament. Dam is LadyXX, sire is Cool JazzXX.

Mature 16+ hands
Nice head and neck! Strong topline. Nice conformation. Sweet and friendly. Dam is Sky, sire is Executive Protection. Full brother was 16.1 hands as a yearling!