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Buzz Lightyear
14.2 permanently carded Coming 6 yrs old. This pony has MANY Championships at local "B" rated shows. Packer deluxe. Auto changes. Cute mover. Great first pony! Shown in the SS division at HITS with a beginner rider!
SOLD! Congratulations!
Mosquito Hawk
6 years old
Reg Sec B Welsh
12.1 7/8's
Extremely cute! The Perfect model pony!
These pics do not do this pony any justice! Schooling changes and 2' fences. Perfect SS pony!
$6500 SOLD!
My Little Scooter
14 years old
12.1 7/8's Permanently carded
This pony is a "made" pony that has been there done that!
2005 Reserve short stirrup champion at GOHJA. This pony is perfect for the child ready to move up to the short stirrup divison.

4 yrs old 14.0 hands
Lovely hunter mover. Lightly started under saddle. See her ELEGANT 2004 baby on the foals page!

$3,500 SOLD!


5 yrs old 13.2 hands
Warmblood looks and movement.Lovely for either the dressage or hunter ring. Extremely quiet and sweet!! This pony has presence to spare!
SOLD! now
Coming 3 years old
1/2 Welsh 1/2 TB cross. 13 hands
Full sister to Delilah, Roany and Rosalee.
Recently started under saddle and QUITE CUTE! Not spooky or silly. Raised by us since a "baby"... we are very proud of her! :-)
$Sale Pending

6 years old
13.2 hands
Cute, quiet and sweet. Nice mover and jumper. Will pack a beginner around. Started changes. Sale Pending!

registered Welsh
8 years old
12.1 hands
Four white socks and a blaze!
Cute and quiet. Lovely mover. Easy ride. Year_End Champion for 2005!

Welsh Cross
8 years old
12.1/2 hands
Strawberry Roan
Very nice mover. Cute as a button!
Good changes. Nice form over fences.
SOLD! Congratulations! $7,500

Welsh Cross
4 years old
13.1 hands
Nice mover.
Very freindly. Loves to please. Doing w-t-c-18 inches-Local shows
SOLD! Congratulations! $3,000

6 years old
13.2 hands
SWEET!! Natural, easy changes! Suitable x-rails to mediums. Shown locally. Used in a lesson program. SOLD!
Apple Jacks
12.3+ permanently carded 10 yrs old This is a "made" SS pony! Auto changes. He is a been there done that kind of pony. If you are looking for a kid safe, ready to go out and win pony... Freckles is for you! SOLD! Congratulations! 8,500
Hocus Pocus
Pinto 13.2 hands
4 yrs old
Fabulous mover that has a trot as smooth as glass. Wonderful equitation/hack winner!! Soft, kind eye and striking good looks! Balanced canter, cute jumper. "A" prospect. Started back under saddle after foaling a GORGEOUS pinto filly! $3,500
13.2 hands
Welsh/TB_cross_Coming_4_yrs_old. Schooling the greens. Wonderful starter pony that is perfect for the timid rider.
Devils Reject

Eligible to be registered Welsh/TB
5 years old
13.2 hands
GORGEOUS!! Sums up this pony. Model looks. This pony has many Grand Championships under her belt!
SOLD! Congratulations! $7500!
Chocolate palomino with four white socks and a blaze! FANCY! 12.2 hands
7 yrs old
Fabulous mover! Loving, "in your pocket" personality. Has been a lead line pony all her life. Now she is starting her under saddle career. With mileage this pony should be a TOP OF THE LINE small!. $6500


14 hand Bay mare 9 yrs old.
Has been used as a broodmare for several years. This mare has warmblood looks and movement... but in a pony package! She has a ton of suspension and reach! Lovely to watch go. Lightly backed. Finish her your way! $2500 SOLD!
Exposed to Jazz

Pinto gelding
12 years old
14 hands
Great COnformation! Rusty is such an appropriate name for this guy as he has been standing out in a field for many years and is just getting back into the swing of things! Neck set and movement would be suitable for dressage and eventing.
SOLD! Congratulations!

China Doll

Welsh Cross
4 years old
11.2 hands
Cute! Green but willing. Cute mover! Used in a lesson program for w-t-c-xrails-Gaits
SOLD! Congratulations!!


Welsh Cross
6 years old
13.1 hands
Cute! Very willing pony. Always a sweetheart.Bing used as a lesson pony doing w-t-c and X-rails. Schooling short stirrup.
$5500 Sale Pending!

3 years old
13 hands

Sweet and willing.



coming 3 years old
13 hands

NO spook in this one at ALL! As close to bombproof as you can get!! Nice all around pony! Don't let this kid safe pony slip by!
$4000 SOLD!

4 years old
12 hands
Cute and quiet!
Sweet and willing.

SOLD! Congratulations!!

Welsh/QH Currently_13.0_hands 2 yrs old
EXTREMELY quiet and willing. This is a real doll babe. Lovely mover. Lightly started over cross rails. It's hard to believe how great this guy is! $3500.SOLD!
Chantilly Lace
14 hand Pinto

4 yrs old
Super quiet and SWEET!!! Cute looker and mover. Willing and kind! $6,500. SOLD!
Strawberry Roan

4 yrs old
13.1 hands
Cute looker and mover. Quiet, confident pony. Great in new surroundings! Packer mentality!
Panda Bear
Black/White Pinto 12.1+ hands
coming 4 yrs old
This little pony has a very big body that can take up alot of leg. Laid back personality. Cute looks, nice conformation. With a few more miles under her belt she will be a real packer! $4500.SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS!
Welsh/QH 13.1 hands

3 yrs old
Cute looker and mover. Sweet, playful personality. This pony is quite a character! SOLD! Congratulations!.

Currently 11.2 hands
3 yr old pinto
Cute, flat kneed mover. Big, balanced canter. Natural changes. Tries his heart out!
$4,500. SOLD! Congratulations!
Dark LIVER_Chestnut/Rabicano. Currently 13.2 hands
QH cross
coming 4 yrs old
Very lovely, soft canter. Cute mover and wonderful jumper. Easy changes. Eligible green. Ready to make his "A" show debut! SOLD! Congratulations!.
Leap of Faith

4 yrs old 14.0 hands
Fabulous mover. Eyecatching looks and sweet , willing temperament. This pony is destined to be a top contender on the "A" circuit. $4,500 price will increase as training progresses.
Jovial's Roanie

Eligible registered 1/2 welsh

2 yrs old 13.1 hands
Super QUIET temperament. Will be the perfect "packer" pony with a little bit more age and experience under his belt. $3,500 SOLD! Congratulations!
Tinker Bell
Unregistered Welsh
4 years old
12 hands
CUTE!! Great kids pony. Winning on the local short stirrup division, ready for the "A's"! Fancy and sweet and ready to go! $10,000 Sold!! Congratulations!!
A Time to Cheer

Currently 13.3 1/2 hands and growing!
3 yr old pinto
Exceptionally good mover. A Real Toe Tapper! Big, balanced canter. Natural changes. Loves to please. "A" show prospect.
Eligible Green.
$7500 now.
14.1 hands
Reg QH
4 yrs old
The single most sweet, kind pony we have ever come across!
ANYONE can ride this mare. Will be a true packer with a few miles under her belt!!
SOLD! Congratulations!

Welsh cross

4 yrs old 12.1+ hands
Extremely flashy! Fabulous mover. Lightly started under saddle. Fancy enough for the "A"'s. $1000 SOLD!
Golden Boy

Welsh cross

6 yrs old 10.2 hands
This pony thinks he is a dog! He is ADORABLE in every way. This "made" pony is perfect for just about any kid. He can babysit a baby or show on the "A" cicuit! SOLD!
13.0 hands
Welsh cross
4 yrs old
Looking for a hack winner? THis pony is for you!
Ground covering gaits, wonderful mind, great jump! With a little more training and show miles under his belt, this flashy pony will take you to the top!
$7,000!! Sold! Congratulations!
Blue Eyed Solid Pinto
coming 3 year old
Mature 14+ hands
Truly a pony with a "Heart of Gold"! Dolly's hard to find combination of looks, temperament, movement and jump is sure to take your child far on the "A" circuit. $6,500 now. As this pony matures her price will sky rocket! SOLD!!
Welsh cross
3 years old
Mature 14.1 hands
Darling!! This is a really nice all around pony. She has really cute looks, movement and jump. Quiet. Won Grand Championship out of 15 ponies at her first show!! This pony will not last long at this price. $6,500 SOLD!! Congratulations!!!
In Sync
14.1 7/8 Card
9 yrs old
This is a made show pony. 2003 Jax and HITS S.S. Champion! If you are looking for a pony to put your child up on and win on the "A" circuit... this pony is for you! Auto Everything! Eligible green!
$25,000. SOLD! Congratulations!
13.3 1/4 hands
Welsh/TB cross
4 yrs old
This is one fabulous pony!
Very uncomplicated, loves to please. A model, hack and over fences competitor! This pony has everything it takes to get to the top!
Buy him now while he is still affordabe! $10,000.
Winter Belle
14.2 hands
5 yrs old
Gentle and sweet. Anyone can ride this pony!! Step her off the trailer and straight into the show and WIN! Has never placed worse than a reserve Chanpionship at any show!
Eligible Green! $9,000 now.
SOLD! Congratulations to Charlotte Coffee!
Welsh cross
coming 4 yr old
Green but very willing. Very nice mover. Started over cross rails. Flashy looks with eye catching appeal.
$6000 now.
SOLD! Conratulations!
12.2 hands
Welsh cross
2 1/2 yrs old
Very pretty guy. Sweet, loving, in your pocket temperament!
Athletic with a great jump! Lightly backed. Been raised around kids and just adores them. Gelded.
Holiday Thirteen
Registered quarter horse
Currently 13.1 hands
2 1/2 years old. Extremely sweet and kind. Has a wonderful temperament. Used in a lesson program for beginners over cross rails. Easy canter. Won Reserve Championship at very first show with a green rider! $3,000 SOLD! Congratulations!

13.1 hands
4 yr old Welsh cross
Very sweet, personable pony!Lovely, long strided mover.
Green but exceptionally quiet. Definte "A" quality prospect for the short stirrup to mediums
$SOLD. Congratulations!
Buzz Lightyear

14.1 hands
5 yr old QH cross
Nice Mover. Easy going, laid back personality.
Shown with new owner!
$SOLD. Congratulations to Cecilia Peire!
Steely Dan

14.1 hand 5 year old

Warmblood looks and movement! Recently started under saddle and doing very well. Will begin his show career this summer.
After Hours

Welsh cob
Black 13 years old
13.2 hands
Great pony for a lesson program. Very quiet and sweet. Cute mover and great jumper. Wonderful local/4-H/pony club mount

$SOLD! Congratulations!!
Fancy Britches
Welsh pinto cross
12.1 hands
4 yrs old
Very quiet and sweet. Used in lesson program for beginner riders. Has wonderful changes!! Will be a super short stirrup/smalls contender. Lovely show prospect.

Top Hat

13.2 hands
Coming 6 yr old
Extremely level headed guy. Take him to the eventing, dressage or hunter ring! Darling mover and natural jumper. Great conformation. Won Grand Championship at FIRST show!

SOLD! Congratulations!.

14.1 hands
Very sweet, kind pony that is flashy to boot! A natural over fences. Cute mover. Long stride can easily make the distances.
$9500 now.
Grizzly Bear
13.3 hands
QH cross
Liver Chestnut
Won Grand Championship at second show ever. At third show won TWO GRAND_CHAMPIONSHIPS with two different riders! Cute mover. Bold to fences.
SOLD! Congratulations!
Uptown Girl

13.3 hands
Nice mover!! This pony has it all! She has the looks, movement, jump AND temperament to really go far! This is one pony you don't want to miss out on!
$6500 now.
SOLD! Congratulations!!

Mature 13.2 hands

Bold, honest and great form over fences. Schooling 2'6", easy changes! Packer mentality. VERY quiet, VERY friendly. Has been used on trail rides.
$6500 now. Price will increase with training/show experience.

Mature 14.1 hands
Registered quarter horse
Tidy over fences (just started), balanced canter, will have easy changes! At first show judge remarked "lovely mover".
$4500 now. Price will increase with training/show experience.

14.0 hands Welsh/QH cross
Extremely quiet and safe. Will pack even the most timid child around. Local show miles. WIll be making her "A" show debut this fall. $6500. Price will increase with training/show experience.
Do the Do

13.2 hands
Welsh/QH cross
Cute head, cute mover. Great local show prospect. Has been ridden on trail rides. Just started over fences. $3000 before foaling. Price will increase with training/show experience.
Twinkle Little Star

12 hands
She is CUTE,CUTE,CUTE! Everything about this little girl is elegant and classy.
Go to the foal page to see her 2003 foal.
Blueberry Silk

13.3/4 hands
Blue roan
As level headed and cute as they come. Won reserve championship at very FIRST show! At every show this dependable pony has continued that winning tradition!
See her 2003 foal. In foal for 2004
Sunny's Delight

14.0 hands
Registered Palomino
This pony has prescense to spare!! Just started over fences and looks to be quite talented.

13.0 hand Welsh cross
Destined to be a hack winner!
Daisy cutter mover! You have to see the shoulder on this little guy!
Great in new surroundings. Easy to clip, load and bathe. Just started under saddle. Train him your way. $6,500

11.2 hands
Grey Pinto
PHENOMENAL mover!! I do mean WOW! Buy this small and WIN the hack!! Sensitive but very kind. Did I mention he can jump too? Will make a fabulous "A" hunter champion with a few more miles.

13.1 hand Pinto
SOLD! Congratulations.
This pony is "A" quality through and through. A 10 mover with eye catching color to match!. Gizmo is spectacular in every way! Currently schooling 2'6" with great form. Easy changes. Don't let this one slip by!

14.1 1/2 hands

Perfect for the timid rider. Has smooth gaits, easy disposition and a never stop attitide. As quiet on trails as she is at shows. Nothing bothers this laid back mare!


13.1 1/2 hands
Liver Chestnut
SOLD! COngratulations!
Green but quiet. All the kids enjoy riding him. Nice mover. Started over fences. Great local show hunter prospect.
13.2 hands
SOLD! COngratulations!
Get noticed with this FLASHY pony! Very forward and brave. The perfect JUMPER pony. Blaze will jump anything you put in front of him! Wonderfully quiet on the ground. NEVER spooks. A real blast to ride!! Auto changes. NOT for the timid or beginner rider!

Miss Dolly

14.1 hands
quarter horse cross


Lots Of Dots

12.1 hands Reg. POA with 151 halter points. Scopey. This long strided mover is schooling 2'6".


Grey Pinto


13.3 hands

Hollywood Dreams

14.1 hands Welsh cross.


This ponies new home is in Bermuda. We wish many wins on this wonderfully talented boy!

14.1 1/4 hands

13.2 hands Black Welsh. SOLD to Amanda Moffett of NJ. Udate! Amanda and Ebony WON the 2001 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP Sussex County Horse Show Short Stirrup Series! Congratulations!
14.1 hand Welsh cross SOLD to Brittany Aureliano of NY. Congratulations for the outstanding job at HITS!

11.3 hand True Black Welsh cross
SOLD to Taylor Lavin of Fl.
Congratulations! We expect many great things from this perfectly matched pair: experienced pony and beginner rider!
Gold Mine

14.0 hand double registered Palomino/Quarter horse. SOLD to Heather Wagnon of Fl.
Congratulations! This pair is a winning combination...accumulating Grand and Reserve Championships at every show!!!

Strawberry roan
coming 4 years old
14.1 hands

Quiet and kind. Loves people and attention... the more the better. Nice mover. Shown Locally.
SOLD! Congratulations!
Star Above

14.2 hand Quarter horse. SOLD!